Sixth Mode of Limited Transposition

And so we proceed: a crippling bout of laziness has kept me from finally finishing these fingerboard diagrams, but it’s about time to wrap things up. Here is the sixth mode, with all of its transpositions.

Sixth MLT, First transposition:

MLT 6-1

Sixth MLT, Second transposition:

MLT 6-2

Sixth MLT, Third transposition:

MLT 6-3

Sixth MLT, Fourth transposition:

MLT 6-4

Sixth MLT, Fifth transposition:

MLT 6-5

Sixth MLT, Sixth transposition:

MLT 6-6

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the work you’ve done on the MLTs for guitar. I’ve been thinking about composing some experimental bossa nova music using the MLTs. Your postings here will be a big help!

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