I stumbled upon this awesome poem and thought I would share it with you, dear reader. Hope you enjoy!

The apple of deliverance,
Gives me nourishment,
Sweet nectar, dripping down my throat

I thank you, apple,
You give me strength, to climb that hill,
For up top, there lies a great reward,
Much like you, great Apple,

Another bite, of your delicious flesh,
Nutritious, red and gold skin, white crunchy body,
I bite again, savoring your juices and textures,

You travelled far to reach my grip,
And my teeth grapple your plump, round body,
My tongue and jaw work together,
Frantically hustling, each in its own way,
To deliver your goodness deep down.

Enzymes and molars break you down,
But, Apple, it is not a malicious way,
For deep down you take form again,
And do your true work,

You are beautiful, Great Apple,
But your work is the fruit of your existence,
I eat you, Apple,
I do not frame you.

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