Weekly Compositions!

One of my biggest problems as a composer is finishing pieces; coming up with ideas is easy, but expanding them into actual interesting compositions is where it becomes complicated. Every time an idea is born it seems to have infinite potential; it could grow up to become president of the united states or ceo of a fortune 500 company.  The more decisions I make as to how to develop or present the idea, the more I worry about the opportunity costs of these decisions, which very often causes me to abandon the idea or “save” it for later. Well, I’m going to try to break out of this unfortunate cycle and practice the fine art of finishing pieces. The goal: write one composition for guitar from beginning to end each week, for at least 4 weeks.

They don’t have to be very good, interesting or innovative (although it would be cool if they were), they just have to be finished.



  1. wtf, man?! Some of us visit your site expecting our expectations to be met. You had promised 4 guitar pieces in 4 weeks. And what do we get instead? An audio representation of the world imploding upon itself. Talk about over-promising and under-delivering. What’s worse is, to the untrained ear (read: anonyboob’s ear), your Big Crunch Singularity sounds like the world should implode upon itself. wtf, man?!


  2. I didn’t know that boobs had ears! (untrained ears, at that).

    Glad you liked the big crunch singularity.. cough. cough. nudge. nudge. But you’re right, this project unfortunately fell way behind schedule. To make up for your shattered expectations and consequent uncontrollable spiral into suicidal depression upon discovering I didn’t write 4 pieces in 4 weeks, I will buy you lunch. What say you?

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