Big Crunch Singularity

I wrote a new aleatoric electroacoustic composition last month for the amazing free improv/new music trio Broadcloth (Anne Rhodes, Nathan Botranger and Adam Matlock). It’s called Big Crunch Singularity, which is a theory that the universe will end by imploding back into itself, creating a massive black hole. The tricky part about writing electronic aleatoric music (with non-realtime electronics) is that the tape part is fixed, while the instrumental part is very fluid and can change drastically with every performance. Since broadcloth is a fantastic improv group, I wanted to leave them plenty of room to do what they do best (… improvise). Take a look at the score if you want to see how I tried to balance the aleatoric free improv parts and the pre-composed tape segments. It was quite a challenge.

To be perfectly honest I’m not terribly happy with it – I think I could have used much more detail in writing the instrumental parts, and probably made the electronics a bit more subtle. But it’s not a bad start – next one will be better.

Check out the premier: Saturday, Jan. 30 at Audobon Strings.

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