Pixel streams

violin, video and electronics
commissioned by Roberto Alonso Trillo, Vertixe Sonora and Hong Kong Baptist University

Pixel Streams was written in close collaboration with Roberto Alonso Trillo for the New Music, New Paths call for works. This piece explores a process of de-pixelation of five audiovisual streams. These streams are each initially presented as abstract, distorted blocks of color and sound, and are gradually revealed as each one undergoes a process of visual and auditory de-pixelation. The performer controls the rates of de-pixelation, navigates freely between the streams, and controls live processing of the violin with a foot pedal, allowing the performer to explore, improvise and engage with the electronics freely and intuitively.

I created all of the music and videos in this work except for one: special thanks to Vasily Korf (vasilykorf.com) for programming a stylegan2 to generate the video of Barcelona doors and windows. 

Pixel Streams was premiered on December 18, 2021 at the Museo Interactivo da Historia in Lugo, Spain. 

Read Paco Yáñez’s review of the premiere here

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