for fixed media

Plink was written for the 5th order ambisonic dome at Arizona State University’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering. In this work, I use layers of very short, dry, percussive sounds to explore different kinds of motion and flocking behaviors in three-dimensional space.

Plink was premiered in December, 2021 at the PRISMS contemporary music festival, alongside newly commissioned works by Elainie Lillios, Sarah Belle Reid, and Tito Rivas, as well as another work by my colleague Garth Paine. These commissions were possible because of a Herberger Institute Research and Investment Building Grant to fund the Future Sound- Listening in Space commissioning project. 

Please click here for the program, and click here for more info on the ambisonic dome

This is a stereo version of this piece, and lacks a lot of spatial detail. Please contact me for the 5th order ambisonic file. 

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