electric guitar quintet

Slide was written for the Arizona State University guitar studio for the 2021 PRISMS festival at ASU. Special thanks to Jiji Kim, Isaac Brady, Alicia Castillo, Zachariah Kinnard, Alex Oliverio, and Bill White.

The electric guitar was my first instrument, and the slippery slope that caused me to fall in love with writing music. While composing this piece, I continually asked myself: how can I find something new in the excessively familiar? In attempting to explore the frontiers of this instrument (especially with the use of guitar slides), I discovered new, unexpected techniques, timbres and textures that resemble electronic and electroacoustic musical structures. This work has felt like a return to my roots: the rediscovery of an old friendship, cast under new light.

Watch the world premiere here (not great audio quality): 

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