This piece is scored for soprano and tenor soloists, SATB choir and electronics. It is based on three Nahuatl texts attributed to the great philosopher, poet and ruler Nezahualcoyotl (1402–72). I wanted to use non-European poetry composed during the Renaissance to complement the early music ensemble’s standard repertoire, while also using contemporary vocal techniques and […]

Ouroboros Miniatures Six miniatures for steel-string guitar duo. In this piece I explore the 3rd Mode of Limited Transposition steeped in a more popular style, idiomatic of the steel-string guitar. Dedicated to Kelsey Osgood. 2008 Chorale Phase Vals Swell Alloy Mute

Much of my work is inspired by language, and with the help of my trusty phonologist brother, Leandro. I have recently begun using more refined methods and techniques to analyze spoken language as a way of deriving rhythmic, harmonic, melodic and timbral materials for composition. Two pieces in particular were heavily influenced by phonology: aspirated plosives […]

It’s been far too long, dear reader. Life has been hectic, and this blog has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. I spent the summer at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau, where we the opportunity to study harmony and counterpoint with the legendary Isabelle Duha, composition with Allain Gaussin, Francois Paris (who employs his own unique […]

Recordings from the February 3 fluffy donut jam session with UC Davis graduate composers Ben Irwin on clarinet and Liam Wade on electric bass (and singing). I’m on guitar and cajon. Clarinet and Guitar Warm-up Where’s Scott when you need him? Blues (ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, tutti frutti) Ben’s piece Epic final jam […]

Paris 8th November, 1913 Don’t fall to the ground, Dear Friend, it is only me!!! Of course, if we begin, you wishing to understand and I to explain why I haven’t written yet, our hair will fall out. And then, something marvellous is happening here: at least once a day everyone talks about you. Your […]