Recordings from the February 3 fluffy donut jam session with UC Davis graduate composers Ben Irwin on clarinet and Liam Wade on electric bass (and singing). I’m on guitar and cajon. Clarinet and Guitar Warm-up Where’s Scott when you need him? Blues (ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, tutti frutti) Ben’s piece Epic final jam […]

Paris 8th November, 1913 Don’t fall to the ground, Dear Friend, it is only me!!! Of course, if we begin, you wishing to understand and I to explain why I haven’t written yet, our hair will fall out. And then, something marvellous is happening here: at least once a day everyone talks about you. Your […]

I wrote a new aleatoric electroacoustic composition last month for the amazing free improv/new music trio Broadcloth (Anne Rhodes, Nathan Botranger and Adam Matlock). It’s called Big Crunch Singularity, which is a theory that the universe will end by imploding back into itself, creating a massive black hole. The tricky part about writing electronic aleatoric […]

One of my biggest problems as a composer is finishing pieces; coming up with ideas is easy, but expanding them into actual interesting compositions is where it becomes complicated. Every time an idea is born it seems to have infinite potential; it could grow up to become president of the united states or ceo of […]

I stumbled upon this awesome poem and thought I would share it with you, dear reader. Hope you enjoy! The apple of deliverance, Gives me nourishment, Sweet nectar, dripping down my throat I thank you, apple, You give me strength, to climb that hill, For up top, there lies a great reward, Much like you, […]