electronic music tutorials

Max/msp: additive synthesis:

Spectral analysis and additive synthesis: 

Intro to spectral music: 

Intro to SPEAR:

More spectral analysis with SPEAR and OpenMusic:

Intro to Gerard Grisey’s “Partiels” 

Max/msp: pitch tracking with sigmund~

Max/msp: interpolating between presets using pattrstorage and autopattr:

Max/msp: matrix~ mixer:

Max/msp: groove and waveform objects:

Max/msp: function

Max/msp: panning and spatialization:

Max/msp: modulators:

Max/msp: organization, send, receive and presentation mode:

Max/msp: frequency modulation:

Reaper: Fundamentals of musique concrete: 

Reaper: automation items with LFOs:

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