Flute, clarinet in b-flat.

Commissioned by Zach Sheets and Vicente Alexim. 

Sonorita is a reduced version of a longer work, Sonora for flute and clarinet. This piece grew out of a long period of collaboration, exploration and experimentation with Zach Sheets and Vicente Alexim. My goal was to create a small, cohesive ecosystem of unrecognizable gestures consisting mostly of extended techniques that blur the perceptual line between the flute and the clarinet. These gestures come and go at different rates to undermine our perception of linear time.

This piece was composed in Nicaragua, and was heavily influenced by the sonic landscape in remote jungle/rural areas around Managua, as well as the unparsed nature of time in these isolated locations.

Performance by Zach and Vicente: 

Performance by Fonema Consort: 

Zach and Vicente’s performance of Sonora: 

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